by Bermuda Love

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Recorded at Grind Central Station
Mixed and Mastered by Rob White
Engineered by Chris Dimas

Thank you to everyone for waiting 2 years for this to come out.
Thank you to Rob for playing additional instruments on "Interlude"

Jesse Wyllychuk - Guitar/Vocals
Gage McGuire - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Wolfond - Bass
Chris Dimas - Drums


released March 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Bermuda Love regina, Saskatchewan


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Track Name: Red
What good is a slave
Without any legs
Lets watch him beg
As he digs his grave

I can see his bones
White like stone
I can see his ankles
Painted red

Single file
Ever since a child
Waiting in line
Waiting for his time

In his mind
A million times
He repeated the beatings
Though not a crime
As we waited
For the water to turn to wine

Could he be so brave?
On his knees as he prayed

A life
God had gave
A live
He shall take

He could not run
He could not walk
He could not talk
For now response

Just the nails
As the impailed
With dirt and rocks
Tossed on top

For where he lie
He would rot

He could taste the blood
From his ankles to his tongue
To drown or to suffocate?
The only choice he could make
Track Name: Bones
A hospital bed under cold sheets
(These four walls)
A tombstone with your name
Laying six feet
(Deep asleep)
Conversation ended by a flatline
(These four walls)
A single tone then silence
(Say it all)

I can feel it in the tips of my ribs
I can taste it

It keep me up at night
It weighs me down through the day
Another late night talking to the moon

Open my eyes
You weren't there
Track Name: Ghost
You voice came to me
(An apparition in my head)
A hollow body I can't see
(I'll follow you into the red)

Words like violence
(Again and again)

A love triangle twisted
Like the day I met you
My old friend

The time we wasted
Trying to mend
The time we wasted
Time well spent

I'm out of touch
I'm out of reach
I'm out of sight
I'm out of my mind

A hollow body
I can't see
A hollow body
I can't reach

Your voice came to me
Track Name: Nightstalking
I'm watching, I'm waiting
I'm talking to myself, debating
Sedation for recreation
I'm waiting I'm waiting I'm patient
Sleepwalking through the night
Sleep-talking afraid I might say something
Cop cars and swimming pools
Bicycles and worn down shoes
Rotting teeth and hot spoons
Fur coats and cocaine blues
Back alleys and avenues
Past parks and past schools
Broken bones and broke rules
Broken homes with no values
Igniting cigarettes with people I've never met
Count down the hours spent
And the hours I never slept
Track Name: Burning Books
Secrets in the shadows of my mind
I'm staring at the book with one eye blind
I'm searching for the answers
We'll never find

Now the lights gone dark
Flame extinguished in my heart

One brick missing from the wall
A missing link to deceive them all

Mountains fall when the tides rise
Tearing pages, secrets of the wise

One brick missing from the wall
A missing link to deceive them all

Close your eyes

Close your ears
Blind your eyes
Track Name: White Devil
Dancing with the white devil in the moonlight
I can feel it in my bones, crawling down my spine
Empty pockets on a sleepless night
Crawling down my spine, dripping down my throat

As it fades to white I paint it black
I'm out of your sight, I'm out of my mind
What we do is secret
I'm out of your sight, I'm out of my mind

What we do is secret
As it drips and it drops
I can feel my heart stop
Bent over(dosing)

I can feel the wolves
I can taste the cracks in my lips
I can feel it in my veins
On the tips of ribs

Hot spoons
Burn bright
In the night
Rotting my teeth

Tonight my problems solved
As this feelings fleeting
I can taste the blood
As my nose keeps, it keeps on bleeding

So when I crash and I burn I can feel my heart stop
A taste so close, I can hear the bells ring

So when I crash and I burn
From the coke and the crack
You can take my urn
And snort the ash
Track Name: Rain
I watched the clouds pass me by
I watched the sun burn my eyes
I watched the ocean tide
I watched all through the night

My eyes peeled
Open wide

I'm on my knees
As they bruise and bleed
My palms held together
In front of me

Clouds in my mind
But it's clear outside

I'm staring at the sun
I can feel the heat
I can feel you watching
But I can't see

I can feel the rain water
Touch my feet
I can feel you watching
But I can't see

Hands around your neck
I can feel you breath